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Why Choose Us?

Trade Suppliers Of Confectionery and Bakery

Welcome to our foodservice area of our website.

As a valued and trusted supplier to a variety of hotels, restaurants, coffee shopBakery and Confectionery Presentations, event caterers and independents. Sofia Raj continues to produce the best quality confectionery and bakery products for you and your customers. Whatever your desserts or bakery requirements are, we are happy to help and support you. Please click here and complete the form or call us on + 91 98105 71113 or drop an email to support[at] 


Why Choose Us?

1. Excellence. We work towards excellence and try to work towards the highest level of service to keep you happy so you can keep your customers happy. 

2. Outstanding Reputation. Just speak to any of our existing clients to discover the level of service we provide and our proven quality of our product satisfaction. 

3. Quality. We use the best and most fresh ingredients available in the market. So when one takes a bite they understand the quality of our creation. 

4. Innovation. We innovate the taste sensation. For example, you haven't tasted the real mini brownie until you have tasted one from Sofia Raj. 

5. Helpful. We would do whatever we can to support your business from small to big. Bespoke dessert menu to assist in providing serving suggestions.