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Custom Cakes

Custom Cakes

Cakes are an awesome way to organize your theme party or any other special occasion. The right cake can make the occasion memorable.

We design innovative and delicious theme and custom cakes. You come up with the theme or any customization and we will create the wonderful cake. We add your photos, logos or images to our range of themed cakes to make it more beautiful.

We use custom prepared hand molded chocolates that are fully edible. We have various themes such as birthday themes, tea party theme, doll theme, baby shower theme and bike theme etc. 

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25th Anniversary Cakes
Rs.2,899 | $44.93
Aeroplane Cake
Rs.2,199 | $34.08
Barbie Cake
Rs.3,699 | $57.33
Rs.3,349 | $51.91
Corona Bottle Cake
Rs.1,899 | $29.43
Rs.1,510 | $23.41
Doggy Theme Cake
Rs.2,799 | $43.38
Farm House Theme Cake
Rs.2,270 | $35.19
Football Cake
Rs.3,299 | $51.13
Golf Kit Theme Cake
Rs.2,830 | $43.87
Heart with Rose Cake
Rs.1,799 | $27.88
Jack Daniels Birthday Cake
Rs.2,899 | $44.93
Rs.3,000 | $46.50
Nemo Theme Cake
Rs.11,999 | $185.98
Opera Cake
Rs.1,399 | $21.68
Order Happy Anniversary Cake
Rs.2,270 | $35.19
Photo cake
Rs.2,000 | $31.00
Retirement Cake
Rs.1,799 | $27.88
Rugby Cake
Rs.3,199 | $49.58
Santa Clause Cake Delhi Only
Rs.3,349 | $51.91
Xmas Cake
Rs.1,850 | $28.68
Xmas Cake Signature
Rs.2,200 | $34.10