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Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Send Wedding Cakes to India

If you are looking for a dream wedding cake, then you are at the right place. Send wedding cakes delivery to delhi , gurgaon, noida and faridabad. 

Our specialist wedding chef's can create wide variety of cakes in various flavours and sizes - available in 3, 4 or 5 tier (extra portions can be added as required)

The cakes will look beautiful in appeareance and perfect for the taste buds. 

These luxury wedding cakes specially the chocolate cake will melt straight away. You have can have any fillings inside the cake. 

If you would like to discuss your wedding cake requirements, our team would be more than happy to assist you. We offer a unique wedding cake service where you can taste the cake before you place the order. 

We would ensure the cake is as tasty and glamourous as possible. 

You can also mix and match from our cakes and build a big tier of cake offering various varities to your guests. 

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25th Anniversary Cakes
Rs.2,899 | $44.93
Rs.1,510 | $23.41
Dark Chocolate Cake
Rs.27,999 | $433.98
Dark Chocolate Wedding Cakes
Rs.21,999 | $340.98
Exotic White Chocolate Cake
Rs.24,999 | $387.48
Floral  Wedding Cake
Rs.27,999 | $433.98
Fresh Fruit Strawberry Cake
Rs.27,999 | $433.98
Order Happy Anniversary Cake
Rs.2,270 | $35.19
Red Island Cake
Rs.2,899 | $44.93
Vanilla Cake
Rs.1,799 | $27.88
White Forest Cake
Rs.17,999 | $278.98